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Writer, wife, lifelong learner. I write about personal development, emotional wellness, relationships and lifestyle.

This thing has been on my desk for years.

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I’ve had a few jobs that won’t allow you to decorate your desk. Even if you’re at the same desk every day for a year or more. My personal desk is another story though.

If you met me in real life, you wouldn’t expect that as a teenager and college student I loved Disney. My mom and I went to Walt Disney World almost every year.

I believe strongly in keeping photos of the people that matter most to you and inspire you close by when working. It reminds you of love, good times, and what is possible.

The most…

Where I try to keep consistency high during a crazy busy schedule and emphasize writing from the heart.

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July was intense. I failed to complete the 30 Articles to 30 Publications in 30 Days Challenge. While it kept me busy and gave me a creative outlet, I fell short by 8 publications and 8 submissions.

August promises to be my busiest month this year. My husband and I will be moving by the 28th into my mother’s house (to help with medical conditions). That includes organizing her house, packing his stuff, and a whole lot of decluttering. Plus it’s time to start getting ready for our second reception in October (we didn’t have a big one last year…

August Interview with The Brain is a Noodle

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

August took me by surprise. In comparison to last year, where three months seemed like a year, this year is going by so quickly.

The new month always means some of my favorite publications release new prompts for the month. I always look forward to them as they stimulate my creativity. Many of these are enjoyable to do, including the monthly interview from The Brain is a Noodle.

This set of questions really made me dig deep and consider some things that I didn’t have perfect clarity on before or served as a reminder of where I’d like to go…

In response to the prompt: “Write an RX for doubt”

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I appreciate your dual nature: you can act as a
signal that something is not right and needs
to be investigated. You can be positive,letting me
know to leave what isn’t right for me. However…

How many dreams have you kept me from?
How many things have you talked me out of?
You have a way of showing up when something
is important to me.

How many times have you beat me up?
Made me question my own worth?
Am I an imposter or a fraud?
You whisper enough things to make
me believe the negative: I’ll never make it.

A Response to the Prompt: How are you preparing and taking care of your own garden?

Photo by Urel Landetne on Unsplash

I’ve never been much for the physical act of gardening. Keeping a plant alive has never been my strong suit. I’m actually very inspired by people who can have thriving gardens.

The internal garden, however, that’s a practice that I’ve been working on for years. It’s a practice that I’m more committed to than ever.

Here’s why: Chasing things won’t satisfy. Even the largest goals that we have, when we achieve them, there will always be a bigger goal.

When we get promoted at work, we’re happy for a time, but we eventually want a higher position. When we pay…

Rachella Angel Page

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