Reflecting On My Wedding Day

the good, the bad, and the ugly

Rachella Angel Page
3 min readMay 2


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October 31st, 2020 was a day that changed my life forever.

I’ve always been obsessed with Halloween and decided to marry Randy on the holiday. Every year we go on an anniversary trip- most of which have a spooky theme! So, it paid off for me.

Each day has the ability to have good moments, bad moments, and possibly ugly moments. My wedding day had all three.


We got married in the middle of COVID-19, which gave us restrictions and made it a smaller event. I had always dreamed of a family and friends-only event.

There were a lot of personal touches to the ceremony. I walked down the aisle with my dog Tucker (who passed away last December) to the Cure. Flower bouquets contained black roses with eyeballs. Randy and I are both professional wrestling fans, so we signed the wedding contract (an element before many big matches).

We wanted to include both of his nephews. Brett (older) read a poem. For Ben (younger), we had him run a pen up to Randy and me at the signing. The Ultimate Warrior’s theme music hit, Ben ran up into Randy and handed him a pen, which was adorable.

Finally, one of the girls at mom’s church offered to do my makeup and made me look (and feel) amazing, confident, and beautiful. She spent the last hour and a half before I walked the aisle making me look gorgeous.

The Bad

The wedding party can make or break the wedding. The maid of honor I chose wanted to make the entire road to the wedding about her.

She never showed up for crafting days (most of my decor was DIY), and was two hours late for the weekend in Erie with my family. All she did on that trip was smoke cigarettes, sleep, and complain. I don’t wear jewelry, so I needed to shop for wedding accessories, “you’re making me spend more money than I planned” she told me instead of helping me look for my jewelry.

She never threw a bachelorette party or a wedding shower. She thought that my aunt (who took over her part of the prep for the wedding) was going to do her hair the morning of my wedding. I needed help that morning and she never asked if she could do anything…



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