A humorous misstep

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Once my husband got off work today, we went out to get mom’s prescriptions and some noodles for dinner tonight.

I wanted to be helpful. I thought I was leaving the noodles by the stove for that chef part of my husband to work his magic. Taking what I thought was the prescription into my mom’s room.

Except it wasn’t. I told her I was putting the meds on her bed. The meds turned out being three boxes of pasta. The pasta I thought I left for my husband was a lot of prescription fills.

So, just a reminder: always check your bags.

Especially when they are going to different places. Thankfully it was just a few steps away instead of a few miles.



When you’re no longer behind the paywall

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When I started to put my work out there, I made a decision to not sell. It was simply about writing what I loved, observed and felt.

That changed when I joined Medium. There was an opportunity to get paid, and I often put that first. Ironically, I never made much money.

I took a six month break after leaving the Partner Program in January. It was a total reset.

I came back because I missed writing for a particular publication. I also thought it would be a good idea to write about books here (I hate wordpress).

For me right now, it’s about enjoying the process. Maybe later I’ll rejoin and make it a money venture. Right now, however, happiness comes first.



Easy yet really fun to create

In any journal I create, there are usually a few quotes pages.

It’s powerful to set intentions or consider what the quote says to us personally while creating. It’s then there as a reminder when we go back to review pages created- whether days or years from now.

It’s the same way with affirmations, favorite facts, and writing down goals.

The quote can be the focus or written into the background of a page with a lot of different elements. I usually keep mine front and center.



It’s a slow and difficult process sometimes

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I’m not good with balance. It’s all or nothing.

Learning balance is a process of slowly moving the needle. Of finding ways to do a little bit more or less.

Right now, I’m doing a reading challenge while overcoming reading competitiveness. I look at the stats of the leaders and realize- I’m nowhere near that. A few months ago, I’d scramble to shove the next novel down. Right now, I’m taking a deep breath. I’m sticking to a slower path to reach the finish line.

Letting go of that level isn’t easy. It’s recognizing right now, I’m not the best.

However, I’m giving up that status for more. I’m preserving my reading energy in order to let myself fall in love with it again. It’s also focusing on things that are just as important to me.



It’s hard to put down

dust jacket, mini-poster and an exhausted dog. Photo by me

I came across this one through my monthly subscription box, Once Upon a Young Adult book club. These are usually one of the first books I read each month.

The Charmed List is a page-turning, heart-warming read. It makes you question, at any age, which friendships are worth saving.

The book centers around a high school student Ellie who is forced into a roadtrip as a punishment with her long absent friend Jack. She has made a list of 13 items she wishes for the courage to complete before her senior year.

Throughout the book, friendship and love begin to be rekindled as she checks off each of the items.

I loved it. It gave me reminder vibes of “The Ex Hex” but on a younger scale.



Two methods for conquering

photo by me

There’s a feeling, especially in artistic journals, of being stuck when starting a new journal. A fear of the first page.

I use two different methods, depending on if I know what I want. If I do, I just start with a single image and build around it. The photo above is from one of those ideas. I want my journal to be for collecting memories and capturing moments.

The second type (below) is to do a few scribbles on a few pages. Once momentum starts, these can be added to or covered. The book has been broken in.



Ours resembles it

Camden Yards scoreboard, photo taken by author

This weekend, we went out of town to see our hometown team against the Baltimore Orioles. It was a special game, one that celebrated 30 years of Camden Yards.

I won’t pretend to know the history of the stadium. I know a little of Cal Ripken’s streak of games played, however, I’m clueless about the rest.

As I glanced around the stadium, I could see why it was so revolutionary. PNC Park is a knock-off.

For example, Eutaw St was put into the design with the warehouse, just like the Riverwalk is part of PNC. They both offer barbeque named after famous players.

It’s a park that I found beautiful. A park that I plan to return to.

Also, yes, the Orioles won their 30th anniversary game. Much to my delight and my husband’s dismay.



A Small Recap

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I tried a no-buy in two areas: books and journaling supplies.

While I didn’t succeed 100%, I bought a lot less. I bought a box set of the first four books in the ACOTAR series for $40. For journaling, my husband bought me a few stamp pads and tape.

The best part of any no-buy month is always the creativity that comes from being forced to use what you already have. You begin to break out of ruts by seeing different ways to use things and different solutions.

No buy months are not limited to just July. It could be any months, or a stream of months together. It’s always a choice which categories. It’s easy to get started and the benefits are worth it.



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