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Christmas is not my season.

When people love a holiday, it rubs them the wrong way when you dissent.

They tell you that they had an off Christmas but fell back in love. Or they give you advice like “just love your family”. I do that every day, so why do I need a special holiday?

Also, not loving a holiday doesn’t mean you don’t want to feel things this month. A lot of my reading, viewing habits and activities center around things that can be deeply emotional. P.S. I Love You, anyone?

It also doesn’t mean they haven’t tried to fall for the ho ho ho season. Sometimes it just doesn’t work. Can that be okay? Please?

At any rate, I’m hoping you have the best month of the year. Here’s to dreams of 2023.



My Biggest Regret of 2022

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I gave up this year.

I promised that I’d write at least one thing online per day. I gave up on day 10.

I went six months without writing.

It was one of the biggest regrets of my year.

It takes time to build up your writing muscles. When you go long periods of not doing it, you lose those muscles. It’s starting at point zero.

My article quality is not as good as it was this time last year. By then I had been working for months, daily progress. Right now, I’m not doing this daily.

I’m not producing the quality of article I want to, and I need to basically start from scratch and work my way back up. To keep going.



but I’m not going back

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As a child and teenager, I loved going to Disney almost every year on vacation. It was where my mom and I spent no-stress time together and bonded. Time was enhanced by many wonderful rides and foods.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Disney at Christmas, Halloween and all four seasons.

However, my mother recently asked me if I would go back. Initially, I told her no because of decreased health (her) and mobility (both).

Recently, we found out that a day in the park (no hopper, which was a favorite perk) was almost $200. I’m not sure how much it was when we went but wow- inflation.

I’m just glad I had a lot of great memories to last a lifetime.



I don’t feel it, but I’m glad they do!

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I spent the weekend with family in Maryland. I’m grateful that my husband’s family are open to having him and me, plus my mom.

On Saturday, we went into Washington D.C. and drove through streets I haven’t seen since I was 10. It was wonderful, even if we couldn’t get out of the car and sightsee.

We also stopped right out of D.C. at a marketplace with a Ferris wheel overlooking the city.

I stayed in the car and read (I’m a bit of a Grinch this time of year) but they came back happier than when they had gotten out of the car.

There was also a lot of talk over the weekend of Christmas and its various aspects. I’m glad that the spirit that brings them joy has begun to descend.



It’s an annual tradition

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When I was a teenager, my mom would wake me up at 3 am on “Black Friday”. We would layer on clothes and stand in front of JC Penny’s for hours. All for a tiny snow globe.

Today, shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday are habits of the past.

Last night, my husband prepared a wonderful dinner.

Today, we drive to Maryland to see his family. I can’t wait to hang out with the boys.

It’s just a really nice day to indulge in some favorites:

  • a book I’ve been highly anticipating
  • dinner with people I don’t see often
  • writing a long list of things I’m grateful for

It’s a tradition that I absolutely adore. Instead of fights over the biggest sales, I sleep in my extra comfy bed and spend some time on self-care.



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