What I Missed- and Didn’t- During My Week Off of Medium

the break wasn’t intentional… at first

Rachella Angel Page


In my happy place… photo by Randy Page

My husband and I decided to go to Erie last weekend from Saturday morning to Monday night.

We gambled at the Casino, watched the sunrise, and spent a lot of time on the docks around Presque.

We also went to Cleveland Heights for brunch at the Haunted House Restaurant. It’s kind of kitsch with collections of dolls on shelves holding the TVs playing movies on repeat and menu items named for horror movies. Though for a horror movie lover, it’s a fun place to be. I even met Freddy upon exiting!

photo from The Haunted House Restaurant… I love the murals. Photo by me.

I’m grateful for the unplanned downtime.

I confess that I hate writing on the Medium app, and the first few days of my time off were not planned. I had even taken a laptop!

I was not aware that the hotel didn’t have WIFI. Reception was bad on the Isle for phones, let alone laptops and car writing time was also impossible.

The past few days were simple laziness. If I don’t write every day, I fall out of practice. If I go longer than two days, it’s easier to keep going.

index card and photo by me

What I Missed

Other Writers

Not so much a what as a who. There are a lot of phenomenal writers I’ve connected with since coming back to writing almost daily in January. Many writers who I’m grateful for the chance to connect with.

I’m not someone who is going to write an “x favorite writers post”. Right now though, I’m thinking of A A McRae, Theodore McDowell, Randy Pulley, Katie Michaelson, and Michael Rhodes. While I enjoy a lot of writers, these are the people I missed most. Check them out and you’ll see what I mean. They’re influential in making me want to stay with the platform. I consider them writing friends and I’m grateful for them.

Writing for passion and some pennies



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