The Five Questions to Ask During a Monthly or Yearly Review

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The Monthly Check In

Monthly check ins are great for making us take inventory- are we on track? In considering the following five questions, we get a good idea of where we are with our goal and where it can be tweaked for potentially better results.

  • Is my main goal still relevant to me, or is it time to set a new one?
  • What lessons did I learn last month that I can apply to next month and future?
  • Is there something that I overlooked in chasing my goal this month?
  • What will happen if I don’t accomplish my goal?

Yearly Review

The yearly review is the perfect opportunity to ask ourselves the hard questions. It is good as we transition into each new year to ask ourselves what still matters and to celebrate the lessons of the last year.

  • What lessons did the year present to me that impacted me?
  • How did I set about accomplishing my biggest goal? What did I learn from my approach?
  • What is the key word or concept for the next year?
  • What one goal will I begin with?


Keep reviews: both monthly and yearly, simple by just asking the above questions. Some of them will require more thorough self-examination. That’s okay. Each of these questions are meant to help guide you into not taking on too much at one time but learning and allowing yourself to make changes.



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Rachella Angel Page


Writer, wife, lifelong learner. I write about personal development, emotional wellness, relationships and lifestyle.