The 365-Day Dress Project

The Dogs Get In On the Fun: Still Not Bored

Days 7–13

Rachella Angel Page
5 min readMay 30

I wrote a post regarding the impacts of fast fashion and how I’m attempting to complete 365 days wearing the same dress. This dress, named Amalya by the company Wool& is made sustainably with merino wool. I thought it might be interesting to document what I wore each of the 365 days.

Day 7: One Key Element in Starting a Sustainable Closet

photo by author’s husband

My dogs really wanted to be part of my photo today! They are the loves of my life and give my photos a more human dimension.

I wore these pants during week one of the challenge. They’re older, 2020 (I think) from the Boohoo brand. My mom has done seam work on them and replaced the entire waistband when the original band split in half.

One of the key things that I love about changing to a more sustainable form of fashion is that there is no need to replace anything before starting. You start with what you have and keep wearing it.

My goal is to slowly replace all of my basics with thrifted or more sustainably friendly pieces.

Day 8: What is the hardest fast fashion shop for me to quit? How do I figure that into a sustainable closet?

dress from Hot Topic. Photo by author’s husband

There are pieces that are difficult for me to quit buying. They have not been made sustainably. They are also usually not thrifted or pre-owned. Band shirts are the first thing that comes to mind.

The second? The entire Hot Topic shop. I love their dresses and wide-leg pants. The way that I make them sustainable is to commit to wearing these pieces until they fall apart.

I also noticed that Hot Topic has recently teamed up with ThredUp, an online resale shop, to offer some pieces at a lower rate!

I am plus size, so offerings so far are scant, but it’s a step in the right direction. I’ve also noticed designer tags and brands like Torrid on the ThredUp website.



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