Taking Five Will Change Your Life

Why silence is important for all of us.

Photo by Niklas Wersinger on Unsplash

Choose Your Time

The morning: always a good time to start the practice. What you do in the first hour of the day dictates the tone for the rest of your day. I choose to do this a little after I wake up so I’m conscious enough to practice but it still makes that one hour cut.

Choose Your Method

Meditation: count your breaths or follow along with a guided meditation. I usually follow along with youtube, although the apps can be good as well.

Repeat as Necessary

This is a practice that can be mixed and matched with methods and can be repeated multiple times throughout the day. Use the techniques whenever you find that you need some space and peace throughout your day. Once might not be enough (I know for me it isn’t!). By taking five, we are creating a space to relax that is able to be returned to multiple times throughout the day.

Document Change

Try taking at least five every day for the next 30 days. Does anything change in your life? Are you calmer, more at peace or just happier and more content? Document any changes you see in your life and refer back to it.


Silence is important for maintaining inner peace, calm and a solid state of mind.

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