Small Changes Make for Big Results

Photo by Clemens van Lay on Unsplash

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace Yourself Accordingly — Amby Burfoot

The Pattern of Taking On Too Much, Too Soon

What the Process to Change Could Look Like

Why Small Changes Work

What Can We Apply This Process To?

  • Reading Routines: start with 5 pages, build from there
  • Paying down debt: start with the smallest debt. Double the minimum payment.
  • Writing: start with one piece a week. Build out from there
  • Decluttering: get rid of five things today and put another five away
  • Time: set aside 10 minutes for something that matters today. Keep it consistent and build
  • A skill: learn 1 new thing about the skill (how to thread a needle, how to say please, how to hammer a nail, etc.). Learn 1 new thing about the skill every day this month
  • Journal writing: start with writing a sentence. Write a sentence every day for a week. Slowly add up to a paragraph and then a full page
  • Losing weight: choose 1 small change (like keeping a food diary). Do this every day for a month. Build from there.




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