Simplify Your Life for More Peace, Clarity and Joy in the New Decade

The Minimalist Movement Stretches Beyond Just Decreasing Number of Possessions. This Is Where to Start When You’re Ready for the Next Step…

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Simplify schedules using a Top Three System

So many times, regardless of our circumstances in life, we stretch ourselves far too thin. Too many commitments and things screaming for our intention mashed with too many things on a daily to do list. If you narrowed that list down to three things what would that look like?

Simplify By Practicing Mindfulness

Overwhelm happens when we focus on too much. It happens when we focus on everything in our lives: past, present and future at one time.

Simplify by keeping a journal

Journaling is an amazing outlet. It allows us to focus on what we are grateful for, express emotion and preserve a record to look back on.

Simplify by addressing the biggest boulder

Everyone has something that they struggle with. Whether that’s self-esteem, debt, addiction, or anything else that keeps us from being our best selves.

Simplify by focusing on one.

We are close to the New Year. It’s common at this time each year to make a lot of bucket list of resolutions. To focus on multliple areas of our lives at the same time. However, the secret is that by choosing one area of our lives to focus on, we gain more. The idea of choosing one word for the next year is so powerful because we get to explore that word in detail.

Simplify by giving yourself grace and space to figure things out

When we attempt change of any kind, there is a learning curve. Often times, we expect perfection from ourselves. This is not always true for what we expect from those around us, but we hold a measuring stick to ourselves of unfulfilled expectations. The only person to compare ourselves with is who we were in the past: yesterday, last month or last year. What progress are you making in life? How have you improved through the time?

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