Four Books That Can Inspire Your 2020 Summer Project

Looking for inspiration, a new routine or a fresh challenge?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

The Big Book Of 30 Day Challenges- Rosanna Casper

30 days seems to be the perfect timing to develop a habit- it gets you past the hardest stage of beginning to develop the routine, allows the routine to become engained in your life and cements it.

  • write down 10 ideas every day: using 10 ideas as a starting point, make a daily list. This helps with generating ideas whether you are planning a summer bucket list, deciding what to name your website, writing ideas and more. The thing is, when you regularly come up with ideas, more ideas will generate on a regular basis.
  • The rejection challenge: this challenge purposely seeks out daily rejection, but does so in a way that will build up your muscles and make you tougher and help with the fear of rejection
  • Watch a TED talk or read a wikipedia entry: this builds your knowledge and allows for research on a vareity of different topics. You’re learning something new every day, many times while being encourgaed (TED).
  • Gradual Digital Detox: how to slowly break up with your phone. The way this challenge is laid out seems extremely doable. It starts eaily and builds on itself. If you ever wanted to slowly break up with your phone to have more life and time, this challenge is a good place to start.

Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod

This is a book you’ll want to buy or put on reserve immediately. It is an international best seller that promises to completely overhaul your life.

Happiness Project- Gretchen Rubin

Rubin spends an entire year looking for ways to recognize happiness and incorporate happiness in all areas of her life.

The Bullet Journal Method- Ryder Carroll

The bullet journal has been around for quite a few years. Instagram and Pinterest particularly show off the artistic and beautiful side of the method. However, as artistic and beautiful as these posts are, they can often send a confusing message.

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