Characters I’ve Played In Readathons

A Prose Poem

Rachella Angel Page
2 min readMay 29, 2023
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Settling into a recliner with a huge stack of books feels like home. I’m off to live a different life, a character of my creation.

A Pirate: ready to steer my ship on to victory. I have the helm if you have the mast! Let’s hunt dragons and maybe find an underwater hidden lamp. A Pirate’s Life for Me keeps me young, spry and fun. So fun they might make me walk the plank. I’ll kiss the captain and see if it saves me!

A Ghost Tourist: Channeling my inner Melinda Gorman and hunting ghosts! I just want to help them cross over to their next life. That is, if I don’t start running or puking when I see one! I’ve been on hundreds of tours but never seen one! Smelled one, heard one, have yet to see one. Wait… what’s that shadow in the doorway?

A Barracuda: I’m going to help my unit chomp chomp to victory! We’re chomp chomp downing the books. Every day it’s a new horror read and devoured. I love being a barracuda: swimming all day, devouring both small and large fish (books) and bringing my team closer to first place!

A space wanderer: what’s possible on these planets? What government conspiracies can I unwrap from lightyears away? I’m in search of aliens! I’ll search forever for Experiment 626. Cutest alien ever! Most likely, I’ll find one that resembles a person!

A Mage: I’m a witchy witch babe! I’ll craft infused crystals and create balms for healing. I love selling love and desire potions. I’m so glad that they work! I’m the talk of the town. See these tarot cards? I’ll even deal ya a few cards and a reading if you’re into it!



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