a poem

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I got six minutes to write.
Before my day starts.

I don’t always love writing
“under the gun”.
But it’s a draft.
It can be edited to,
removed from and
reworked later.

I remember doing great swatches
of work within timed writings.
Writing sprints to warm up.



Keeping it simple this month

two new journals for October. Photo by me.

October is my favorite month of the year. I’m busy seeking thrills and spooks.

This month, I’m going to try to simplify my journals. I chose a small brown notebook to fill in with daily entries, complete with stickers, pictures, and maybe a little drawing.

I also finally started a writer’s notebook. It’s three subjects, perfect for writing out work, tracking my “read like Bradbury” project, and a space to track ideas and inspiration.

I may add a composition notebook next month. However, this month serves simplicity.



it’s an understanding

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I married my husband because he makes the BEST pizza. It’s true.

This summer, I had mouth surgery twice. I had inherited really bad teeth and needed to have everything pulled. They recently went back in for bone shards. So, twice, my gums have been stitched up like a craft project.

I dreamed of my favorite food: the texture, the taste. It was hard to live without. However, when I started visualizing it, I knew I was in trouble.

I couldn’t handle homemade crusts. So twice a week, pizza and garlic knots arrived from my favorite restaurant.

In my home, pizza is a love language. An understanding. A gift.



My October writing project

Photo by Yannick Pulver on Unsplash

My goal for now through October is to write more. I’m going to try to be gentle about it and go from writing, maybe 200 words a day to 1,000.

I decided to copy the habits of Ray Bradbury, write about 1,000 words a day, read a poem, an essay and a short story every day.

While it is more writing work than I’m used to right now, it sounds fun.

It’s also the perfect way to ramp up to NaNoWriMo, or the alternative I’ll be pursuing (copy the habits of 4 popular/successful writers- one per week).

Who knows? In addition to getting me back into the writing game, this might spark some of my best work to date.



a poem

Photo by Shiromani Kant on Unsplash

Sharing a Half-Price Bookstore trip
with one of my oldest friends, the first
in years- maybe ever.

She is searching for
inspiration- to
later scope the library-
between work, baby and
getting her master’s degree.
Reading comes when it does.

Me, I’m more liberal with
time to enjoy endless tomes.
While I love the library- I have a
track record of late fines.
A history that leads me to buy
used- which are often cheaper
and reference books I’ll use
repeatedly- Writing Down the Bones
and The Happiness Project
being added to my cart.

These trips- they remind me
of shopping trips throughout
high school and college- almost
always with her.

And I marvel that yes,
friendships sometimes take breaks
but if they’re meant to be,
they’ll resurface.

Celebrate by doing what
you both love.



for your creative journal

words and art by me

Words to Live By

Put a few favorite quotes together. Whether you write, type or use preprinted on velum. Get a few quotes together for the upcoming season.

Love. Gratitude. Dream

Another possible seasonal page. What are you currently loving? What are you incredibly grateful for- both big and small. What are you currently dreaming about? This…



To put into your creative journal

Photo and artwork by me

I’m nearing the end of my first creative journal. Which means that I’m beginning to flip back through. These are three ideas I’d do again, maybe a little varied though.

A Page from a Book or Movie

I’ll level with you and tell you I’m not the best at drawing. However, I enjoy it sometimes. I reread The Night Circus this year and decided to create from the opening line.


I got this idea from one of my favorite junk journalists- Joanna Clough. When I did it, I did my own prints. Next time, I’ll do my dog’s pawprints- an easy but important memory.

Have Someone Else Draw/Write

My husband and I created the page below. I asked him to draw some scribbles or lines. I’d finish from there.



Rachella Angel Page

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