and what I’m Looking to Correct in 2021.

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I have always enjoyed writing. Whether it was writing (bad) poetry and book reports for high school, college research papers, (better) poetry in college, or the writing on-line I do now. It has always been a passion and creative outlet for me. Like any other writer, I’ve had my ups and downs. I’ve stopped and come back. I’ve learned a few hard lessons about the life of writing.

I have some regrets about the choices I’ve made. I will never regret writing but I regret some of the ways I went about…

I’m glad to see you again, old friend

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A deer jolts in front of my Subaru,
I sit in awe after the slight swerve
and stop
watching his brown fur speckled
with white disappear over the road
and hillside which soon will be
covered in flowers.

The rain starts as I pull in front of the house
at 5: grateful for the extending light
as I park and pull
the hood over my ears-
thinking of how I’ve loved
light shower walks since college
when I found the light mist refreshing after sleepless nights. …

if you asked me who I am and what I stand for

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If we met for coffee, I’d let you talk most, I’m quiet especially when I don’t know someone well. I’d want to hear your stories, what you love and what you’ve gone through in your life. I’d be more interested in learning who you were, but there are certain things I’m sure I’d sneak in somewhere

My Heart Belongs In Erie PA

I grew up right outside of Pittsburgh PA but I have always adored small towns where things just seem simpler. My grandfather was born in Erie PA and I spent a lot…

that would have fired me up and let me know I wasn’t alone in the journey

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Morning pages are the brainchild of Julia Cameron and the idea is relatively simple- to write 3 standard 8.5x11" pages of freewrite per day. These pages can be about anything: random thoughts that come up, a project you want to think more deeply about, soul searching, or commentary on daily life- it’s all fair game.

In my journey, I’ve realized that morning pages center me. They get things out of my heart and head before I start the day. They also help me to…

Why it’s important to take time away from consuming content

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Last November, I decided to take a week off of consuming content. It was an exercise found in the book The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. I still haven’t finished that course and have stopped and started it at least three times. Maybe that’s why I’m blocked- I’ll start but I fail to follow through.

Consuming content is easy. We do it while scrolling social media, researching an article we want to write, or when a topic grabs our attention. We can over-consume when we want to learn as much…

this might be the year that changes my life

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Lately, the no/low buy movement has really been growing on me. While I’m not one who spends a lot of money on things I don’t consider essentials, I do have some downfalls. I buy things that I don’t use and then when I get the occasional urge to shop again, I’m right back to buying the same stuff… the stuff that isn’t working for me. Maybe if I just add more I’ll be more encouraged to use what I already have?

The no buy movement is where you give up buying…

and what I’ll be doing for the next 21 days

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There’s a certain beauty of doing the same challenge for a set number of days. Whether it’s the thrill of crossing the finish line on a big project like 60 days of a morning routine or the lessons learned when I fail. I don’t complete every challenge on time but it’s the beauty of the challenge that makes me want to try again.

There are many reasons that even if I fail at an x number of day challenge, I’ll always be the first in line when it comes time…

He’s been my soul mate for the past four years

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It was the morning of my wedding: that crazy few hours before everything commences. On my schedule was driving to church with my mom, who subsequently forgot her dentures at home, with my best friend on her lap. It was a morning for makeup with a new friend from the church and throwing on my dress while hiding from the groom.

During the make up and chitchat with my makeup artist and matrid of honor, he took a half an hour walk with about three bathroom breaks. The makeup lasted…

Can the act of reading less actually yield better results for creativity?

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My world is beautifully decorated with words. I love waking up and reading Medium articles and an occasional outside post. I love scrolling Instagram and reading captions during breaks at work. When I drive, I’m usually listening to a really good audiobook. In short, I’m a reading addict.

This is why the idea of taking a week away from reading took me by complete surprise. You mean I’ll have to listen to music on the way to work, entertain myself without the escapism of fiction and give up reading on Medium for seven solid days… say it isn't so. Especially…

Rachella Angel Page

Writer, wife, minimalist and mother of two dogs. Lover of personal challenges, books and constant learning. Taking what inspires me and creating content.

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