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Writer, wife, lifelong learner. I write about personal development, emotional wellness, relationships and lifestyle.


I was always taught to write a thank you note after an interview.

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Dear Mr. Scammy,

I received your e-mail at just the right time. I was tired of my job and the fact that most people were working from home instead of the office.

I was intrigued by the reviews of the bar you said you were associated with.

Like many other people, I want to make $25 an hour working from the comfort of my own home, without having to be on a work phone.

Like many others, I would like the opportunity to choose my own schedule. Like you. …

The Biggest Lesson From My Most Recent Writing Challenge

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This month, I’ve been working on a challenge to write 20 posts submitted to 20 publications in 30 days. The challenge was a way of really pushing myself out of my comfort zone. To grow means to learn and challenge ourselves.

Willpower is often not enough when taking a challenge like this. That’s why a strong why is essential.

A strong why will keep you going when nothing else will. It will be the driving force that reminds you of a project’s importance when you feel exhausted.

It’s the biggest weapon we have to accomplish any challenge or goal we…

Tips to create a list that ensures variety.

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Is your reading list playing it too safe?

Do you see the same type of books and materials every time you look at it?

Do you want to add more variety?

For years after college, I only read in one genre.

I was playing it too safe and I wasn’t trying to grow as a reader.

I figured I had done the variety route long enough as an English major. I was going to read the type of books I enjoyed most and just stick with that as a steady diet.



Reflecting on the “new normal” in my area and how I’m different from 2019.

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In Pittsburgh, the government is finally ready to lift all restrictions: the 75% capacity, wearing a mask (if you’re vaccinated), and opening places like PNC Park to all. There’s talk everywhere about what the “new normal” will be like. Friends who have been (mostly) undercover finally want to meet up. Concerts are returning, both to the Burgh and nearby places. Movie theaters are beginning to open up again.

That last part is the part that I can’t wait for. …

Turns out I’m an analog girl in a digital world

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Dear Goodreads,

We’ve had a good run. We’ve had four long years together to be exact. I loved you primarily as a way to communicate with friends from college. Most of us were English majors, minors, or just avid readers when not prepping for the nursing exams.

I loved the way that you always showcased what they were reading. It added to my to-be-read list and intrigued me towards their summer reads. I loved the way you allowed us all to be connected. You were the first app I opened every morning, updating my progress was my first thought. My…

How to overcome the “I feel not good enough” mindset

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Does your current level of self-worth need an upgrade?

Are you underwhelmed by what you see and think daily?

Are you nervous about attempting big goals because you think they are too big for you?

The quickest way to overcome negative self-talk, negative self-belief, and self-doubt is to work on increasing your self-worth. Here are five ways to accomplish that feat:

Have a Strong Self-Care Game

If you feel “burnout” setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. — Dalai Lama

Self-care is one of the easiest things to let slide. We…

The few confessions of an adorable Chihuahua- Pomeranian pup.

photo of Max by author

My name is Max.

While my brother is okay, I’m the cuter one.

I’m the one who gives better cuddles.

I can bark louder than he can.

I have longer legs and I’m able to jump higher when you come home from work. Silly dachshund legs… they won’t get him up into someone’s lap.

When you come in the door, I’ll jump until you catch me.

When you sit down, I’ll sit down on your lap, looking precious.

I’ll nudge your hand with my nose until you start petting me. …

Rachella Angel Page

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