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Writer, wife, lifelong learner. I write about personal development, emotional wellness, relationships and lifestyle.

Alright, maybe I’ll listen this time

Have you ever been in a place you thought you’d never be again?

One that reminds you of you a hundred lifetimes ago?

One that sends you a message that makes you question a key factor in your life?

That’s what happened to me Saturday night at a ballpark. I had quit going to games at least a decade ago. It wasn’t the game that made me think of never returning, but my own personal narrative.

It was a very basic etching that caught my attention somewhere in the seventh inning, as the home team was tying the game from…

It starts with connecting with yourself and your desires in the morning.

Imagine a morning where you don’t feel as stressed as you get ready. Where you already feel centered before you walk out the door, both excited and happy to greet the day. You feel lighter because you’ve already set your intentions, cleared any negativity, and are believing that you’re ready to live your best life during that day.

Journaling can be a powerful tool, and not just for reflecting and gaining clarity. It’s also a fantastic way to center and activate happiness before your day starts.

Journaling provides a specific time to concentrate and focus on things that will benefit…

How to turn the tables on what seems meaningless

What seems routine in your life?

What do you know you should be grateful for but feels stale?

What if you embraced the idea that you were about to do that thing for the last time?

It’s easy to take things that happen in every day for granted. The job we know is secure, the relationship where we don’t strive to learn new things, or the drive to a familiar place.

Even things that once seemed exciting can get stale if done often enough. There was a time in my own…

The 4 that I read every spring

Is there a book that you come back to every year or nearly every year during a particular season?

For me, there are a few that stand out every spring. They each speak to creativity or renewal and encourage personal growth.

Jen Sincero- The Badass Series

So often, we pretend we’ve made a decision, when what we’ve really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable

Our thoughts become our words, our words become our beliefs, our beliefs become our actions, our actions become our habits, and our habits become our realities.

Because so often…

My first live game in over 10 years represents more than just a loss of fanship

Two things remain from my childhood: an LA baseball and a silk blue tie.

The tie was my grandfather’s.

The baseball is a souvenir from a game when I was 12, from a Pittsburgh Pirates vs. LA Dodgers game. My biological father caught it after the Dodgers got done practicing at Three Rivers.

I don’t keep much from back then. It helps to forget what life was like and helps me to continue running from memories of my father. It helps to stifle his comments of “You’ll never amount to anything” and “I’m ashamed of you”. …

There is always something hidden below the surface

What do you think of me going back to the night shift?

It was the question I asked two people last month. The first was my husband. The second was my boss, whose office I had been in during October to ask for an earlier shift.

My husband gently reminded me that I had hated working the 2–10 shift because of the late hours and the commute home.

I only recently remembered how much spending time reading and writing in the morning had a calming effect on my anxiety. …

What made my style experiment with the challenge successful.

Imagine being on a quest for the perfectly tailored to you closet. Where every time you open it, you only find what you love. Where there is a system in place that limits regrets: items with tags still on, overwhelm, and time wasted. Time that could better used on your morning practice of self-care and calm.

For years, I found that system in capsule wardrobes. However, as time went on, I wanted to relax the rules of when I could shop and really take the time to find the right pieces.

I found a good compromise in the Five Piece…

Think that giving back and self care are two separate things? Think again.

On the surface, giving back and self- care may seem like polar opposites. The act of giving back our time, energy or resources can often seem like it benefits others but leaves us drained. Self-care is often presented as taking time to nurture ourselves and fill our own inspirational and emotional tanks. However, there are several ways that giving back allows us to practice self-care and numerous benefits to be gained.

By caring for others, we practice self-care in at least 7 different ways:

Giving Back Allows You to Get Outside of Your Own Head

When you set…

why cutting monthly goals in half can actually lead to more.

The start of any new month can be exciting. It’s a chance to start over and reset entire goals or portions of goals. Like setting New Year’s Resolutions, it’s easy enough to pile onto our list of monthly goals. We want to accomplish everything within the next 30 days. We can create overwhelming goals that can conflict with each other, it’s easy to do.

I’m one of those people who set 5–6 aggressive goals each month. I want to write every day, pay off at least 500 in debt on a $12 an hour salary, read 10 books, spend at…

#3 Transfer the money

There comes a time where you either need to or want to quit a bad habit. It could be that it is harming your physical or mental health or that you just don’t want to live with it anymore.

I’ve been smoking for the last 12 years. I know subconsciously it’s a bad habit but like a bad lover, I keep going back to it. I’ve tried multiple times to quit. It not only drains my paycheck, but it also affects my health. I recently realized that I have blood clots in my legs, in part…

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