5 Ways to Transition Gently into the New Decade

Photo by ŞULE MAKAROĞLU on Unsplash

Allow yourself to have a slow last week of December

Life picks up in the last 3 months of the year. It’s a busy period of time where we try to cram everything in that we feel we’ve missed in the last 9 months. It’s a time to push ourselves to accomplish the yearly dreams. Added to that are major holidays that each have the sense of business around them.

Review the Vision Board and Remove One Thing

Recently, there has been a surge of stories about quitting the New Year’s Resolutions. I’m in the camp for going an alternative route. However, I am not against the idea of setting goals for the next year.

Participate in a Meaningful Tradition

Whether the tradition is choosing a word of the year, getting hot cocoa with a girlfriend on December 31st or writing a letter to you at the end of the next year. Maybe that tradition is writing a list of 21 Things to Do Before 21 or a list of 52 Things to Do Before the Next Year.

Reflect on What Has Gone Before

Get out that journal and write about 2019. Some of my favorite questions to ask myself at the end of the year:

What Do You Need?

I end with this question, but it is perhaps the most important. I think that we all have our own ways to relax, recharge and find our center.

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