5 Ways that I Transform Fear of Missing Out Into Joy of Missing Out

It is possible to overcome the fear of missing out

Photo by Irina on Unsplash

Choose what really matters to you

Sometimes what we are called to or choose to pursue is not what everyone else is doing. This can be either short term (I missed the concert to work over time to meet a financial goal) or long term (I’m choosing to focus on self-development before I get involved with someone).

Limit Social Media

Most of social media, beyond the memes posted, is someone else’s highlight reel. It’s easy to feel that we’re missing out when we see what someone else is accomplishing, where they are vacationing, or what good things are coming into their lives.

Expand Friend Circle

As we grow as individuals, our friendships change. Sometimes it’s a matter of just not being as interested in an activity anymore that several friends still are. Sometimes it’s the fact that our lives take on a completely different trajectory and it’s difficult to bridge the chasm.

Know Yourself

What are you really interested in? What would be the ideal evening for you?

Try Something Different

Variety is the spice of life. Whether we choose to try something different with friends or by ourselves, our hoirzons only grow when we choose this path. Trying something that we’ve always been interested in or just found out about will give us a sense of exploration which helps combat fear of missing out.


These are some of the methods that work for me when I face fear of missing out. By experiencing and experimenting with these five things, I have gotten to a point where more than often, I feel a joy of missing out.

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