16 Purposeful Ways to Fight Depression (Even When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Much)

You hate the feeling of it setting in again. The loss of motivation to do anything but hit the snooze button.

The walking through life like a zombie. The lack of appetite even when your sweetheart makes the most delicious meals. The long stretches of feeling meaningless and searching for a purpose.

You know inside that this is your battle to fight and win. You want to come out of the zombie like state. However, you’re lost for ways to do this. You feel lost for a way to come out. You know that you can take antidepressants but also want to do everything in your power to also fight the non-medical way.

In this post, you’ll learn 16 purposeful ways to depression. You’ll learn why these 16 methods work and how to apply them to your own life. Ready? Let’s discuss.


Spend 10 minutes just cleaning out a small area of your house that you’re always near.

The outer condition of our living conditions often reflects what’s on the inside.

Focus for those 10 minutes, what can you let go?

Letting go of things often brings us joy. It’s an external expression of making room for new things in our lives.

Make a simple to-do list.

Even when you aren’t feeling great, there are still things that need to be done.
Make a small list of three things that need to be done each day.

Get them done early near when you wake up.

They might leave room for you to give yourself other tasks.

Give yourself time to do these things. Allow yourself to move slower, but make sure you get them done.

Listen to a TED talk or a motivational podcast.

These require almost no effort on our part but they can get us to start thinking a little differently.

What’s something that you really want to learn about or find motivating?

Find that subject and look for ideas that light you up. Afterwards, find a small way to put them into practice.

Make a playlist.

What songs make you feel lifted up? Listen to this playlist every day. Notice how you feel.

Get outside.

Nature helps us and inspires us, both physically and mentally. It’s connected to our inner beings.

Every season contains beauty and often, just being in nature will leave you feeling awe inspired.

So, get outside, notice what you find beautiful and just take time to breathe it in.


Gratitude helps center us by reminding us of things we are thankful for.

It also reminds us of people who care about us, the fact that even in the darkness there is stuff that is good.

Take a few minutes each night or each morning to remind yourself of five things that are still good about life.

Another idea?

Take a gratitude walk. This is a short walk where every few steps you remind yourself of something that is good in your life even the small things (yes, cuddling with your dog is something to be grateful for).


Whether this is a gratitude walk or just a simply ten minute Youtube video that you work through, get the blood flowing and the adreline pumping. Exercise releases endorphines which make you happier.


Although there are a few different types of journals (bullet journal, quote journal, creative journal or gratitude journal for example), this is a kind of journal where you let everything out.

Let out everything you’re feeling. Sometimes it’s just refreshing and it can refuel you to transfer what you’re feeling to another source.

Write out a 101 in 1001 list.

While you’re journaling already, start a list.

A 101 in 1001 list, simply stated, is a list of things you’d like to accomplish within the next 2.75 years.

The most helpful way of doing this is to think about where you’d love to be in 3 years and break it down into little steps of how to get there.

Also, think about the little things that you have always wanted to try but have never had the opportunity to do so.

Starting this list and following through on it will renew your focus and purpose.

Get into your spiritual zone.

Whether that means taking time to notice the physical world around you or reading scripture.

This could also mean memorizing favorite quotes or learning something new about your spirituality.

Prayer or saying affirmations connects you with a purpose that is bigger than yourself.


Focusing on your breathing and the thoughts that come up.

This is a good way to see how you’re really feeling inside and work through any negative thoughts to just let yourself be.

It’s cleansing and a great way to refocus before you start your day.


Commit yourself to a purpose bigger than you.

Often, it helps to just get out of your own head and focus on another person’s problems.

Focusing this way also has a way of lifting your own spirits.

Don’t be an island.

Who in your life really supports you and helps you through rough times?

Who makes you laugh harder than anyone else?

Let these people into your life. Depression often makes it feel like you’re alone in the world.

Let other people help you through this, especially because you know that you’ll have their back when they need you.

See a therapist or life coach.

Therapists and life coaches have helped many people fight the battle against depression and win. They’ll offer fresh insight, help you set new goals and be one of the bigger cheerleader for your success.

Especially when you’re learning to cope and how to get back to truly living, they have the expertise which will help you.

Get creative.

Everyone has their own type of creative outlet. That could mean: writing, painting, scrapbooking, knitting or creating.

Take a long shower or practice another aspect of physical self care.

Preparing for the day ahead (grooming, showering, etc) makes it easier to take on the day. It leaves you feeling refreshed, cleaned and ready to get through.

Conclusion: Keep Fighting

There are plenty of purposeful ways to fight depression, even when you don’t feel like doing much.

Isn't it worth it to at least try a few of these methods and see what helps?You have nothing to lose except the zombie like feeling.




Writer, wife, lifelong learner. I write about personal development, emotional wellness, relationships and lifestyle. rachellaangelpage@yahoo.com

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Rachella Angel Page

Rachella Angel Page

Writer, wife, lifelong learner. I write about personal development, emotional wellness, relationships and lifestyle. rachellaangelpage@yahoo.com

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